Friday, December 16, 2005

Catching Up Just To Fall Behind Again.

I think one of the hardest things about having a blog is the Christmas season. Traveling makes it hard for me to catch the games and update my opinions of the game. So please bear with me as I will try to catch Caps games when I can, while I am on the road.

Wow, what a difference a day makes. Lots of news, so little time.

Penguins say goodbye to Eddie Olczyk Thursday. Olczyk was sort of the Pens’ Jim Schoenfeld to make a comparison for Caps fans. Their commentary was great to listen to in the booth, but taking the reins of a hockey team is a completely different thing.

Olczyk had no prior experience behind the bench. So why did you hire him, because he’s looks good there? That is the least of the Pens fans worries however, as talks heat up more about the team possibly moving to Kansas City.

The Southeast Division is having a surprising affect on Western Conference teams. 4 of the five teams have posted a .500 record or better versus our friends on the left side of the map. Tampa Bay is 4-1, Carolina 4-2-1, Florida 3-3, Washington 2-2, and Atlanta 2-3-1. The Southeast Division will not play the Northwest Division this year.

Talk of raising the salary cap next year has made many general managers chomp at the bit. Gary Bettman figures that the NHL maybe growing after the lockout. The cap will rise from $40 million to $45 million. Big jump.

GM George McPhee flat out denies any rumors of trading the big man Olaf Kolzig. Wash Post covers McPhee’s revelation that Olie is the only thing besides Alex Ovechkin the team has going for them. Raising the salary cap may give the Caps more freedom to improve the team’s dynamic next year.

At this point the Caps are beginning to gain chemistry. The C.B.S. line is getting better at finding each other, the teamwork of the Ocechkin, Zubrus, Clark line has opponents constantly on their heels, and the other lines are improving.

Give AO another year and he will figure out how to get through those defenders standing him up. Then he will be amazing to watch.

Since I am on the road today, I will probably miss the game. I will work on trying to keep my page updated as much as I can while I am on the road this holiday season.

Caps play Sharks tonight, only 6 words of advice: Do what you did in L.A.

Capitals at Sharks Preview

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