Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The Bus Arrived In NJ, Team Didn't

Capitals 2, Devils 7

Worst game the Capitals have played yet. They didn’t even show up for the game. Two gimme goals by Alex Ovechkin (who has now scored a goal in 4 games straight) and Brian Sutherby were post-Christmas gifts.

The Devils came out with a huge work ethic and out skated, out played, and even out witted the Capitals in every part of the game. The Caps were not in position and watched more of the action than take part of any of it. About 16 minutes in the second, starting goalie Brent Johnson suffered a groin injury (or got out of the game sensing it would be a blow out) and Olaf Kolzig looked very uncomfortable in net.

Not to take from any thing away of the talent of the Devils, but a college team could have entered the building and beat the Caps in this game. The Capitals could not get motivated or produce anything other than headaches. Even with opportunities on Martin Brodeur alone the Caps would shoot into the chest or a soft shot for the Devils net minder to knock down.

The Refs in this game were just horrible. After about the 9th interference pick the Devils did on Caps players, I was ready to rip a pillow apart. The Devils were picking all night. Overall a horrible game if you are a Caps fan, which I am wondering why I still am. Is there a bright side you ask? Ovechkin gets his 21st goal. There is your bright side.

Overall Grade: F

Wash Post will have all the details of the Devils great win over a crappy Capitals’ effort. The only thing I can pray for is for the Capitals to right the ship by the time they play the Flyers.

Now I have to go pack my bags and take a week hiatus in Tucson were hopefully the Caps will find their winning ways when I come back.

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