Friday, December 02, 2005

The Bottom Feeders

Capitals 2, Panthers 3

It is hard to win games on the road in the NHL, even if their arena has less people than the phone booth. Brent Johnson was excellent in the net, and I do believe that Florida’s third goal was deflected with a high stick.

But what really sucked was the Capitals’ power play, which they were not able to do anything with the extra man. 1 for 7 and an opportunity with a 2 man advantage for 55 seconds, and the Caps couldn’t find the net with a flashlight and a map.

I am starting to see a lot of inconsistency in the Referees as the season wears on. Many soft holding calls against the Caps, while the others were so obvious that people getting a hot dog at the concessions stand could sense it, and no whistle. No wonder the players are confused. The Officiating has to be tighter, and much more consistent game to game.

Overall Grade: C

Caps are playing well, and making the right decisions, but someone has to start getting a nose for the net besides Alex Ovechkin. Even though the local ads say “One man, doing it all by himself” the Caps need to give him another threat to ease some of the pressure off the rookie.

Jeff Friesen is turning out to be a hell of a deal. He needs to be on the ice, or dealt. I don’t think the Caps have the opportunity to lose anymore players to injury. Dainius Zubrus looked a little rusty, but I expect him to be on pace in the next couple of games.

Wash Post of course it the source I go to. Bryan Muir actually couldn’t have said it better as he was quoted about not putting the game away. At least Muir gets it.

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