Thursday, November 17, 2005

Kolzig's Back

Olaf Kolzig must be feeling better, because it’s good-bye to Fredric Cassivi as he has been reassigned to Hershey. Cassivi played very well in his single performance against the Devils, but the result was a loss. Brent Johnson took over the other two games while Olie was out with a leg injury, including the shoot out thriller win over the Lightning.

The Caps play the Sabres tonight in Buffalo to start a 3 game road stint that finishes in Pittsburgh to face the Penguins and Sidney Crosby. The Capitals must continue their hard work and win one-on-one battles to gain points against the Sabres.

And the countdown has started to watch the first meeting between Alex Ovechkin and Sidney Crosby. While talking to some other Caps fans, many said how disgusted they were by Crosby stealing all the rookie thunder from Ovechkin. My only answer was, why can’t they both be good? Look, there is nothing I hate more than the Penguins, but why are we so concerned with what Sid the Kid is doing?

I want this league to be the best it can be, as well as for the Capitals to do well. The rookie chase has certainly been close between these two. I believe that both players can create good interest back into the NHL. And these two will be talked about for a long time. More power to Crosby being the best he can be, ‘cause I know Ovechkin will win the rookie race.

-- Other Notes --

  • The NHL and Garth Brooks (of country music fame) have teamed together for Brooks’ children charities Teammates for Kids foundation. I guess Garth has friends in low places, Gary Betteman.

  • Unless you have been living in a fallout shelter, you must know Sergei Fedorov was traded to Columbus. Not really a back breaker deal for Anahiem who traded the all-star forward, who may be looking elsewhere for a better suited player.

  • NHL Referee Stephon Walkom did a live chat yesterday. He was hit with some really good questions, and it was an interesting read.

  • Todd Marchant was put on waivers today by the Columbus Blue Jackets in order to free up some money. Most likely he will be gobbled up by another team by the end of the day.

That’s it for the day, Go Caps! Caps/Sabres Preview

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