Saturday, November 12, 2005

Broken Record

Capitals 2, Devils 3

Just when I think the Devil's defensive trap is no longer a factor in the new NHL, they prove that not only am I wrong, but also that you don't need a 2 to 3 goal lead to win a game in the second period. The Devil defense is so perfect that it frustrated the young Caps and kept most of the final minutes' action either deep in the Caps zone or kept them from breaking out.

All of the Devil's goals came on the powerplay. 5 penalties in the first period killed the Caps right off from the start. Most of the key players on the penalty kill looked sluggish in the third, from being overworked. Alexander Ovechkin did not score a point but still received the #3 star of the game. Would that be some respect for the Capitals rookie?

Overall Grade: C

The Capitals main problem was their system was ineffective versus the trap. And the coaching staff did little to make the adjustments (or the players just didn't execute). However, kudos goes to the New Jersey Devils for using their defense to help them win both games, a rarity these days in the NHL.

Wash Post covered the contest. Capitals must not be frustrated by their effort in these last two games, they have played well. The beauty of youth is the ability to forget and get up for the next game. I expect the Caps to again control their penalties and keep the work ethic high.

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