Monday, October 24, 2005

A Team Beaten

The cool thing about being a Washington Capitals fan is that we have an owner that is very fan friendly, which includes post game video of players in the locker room on For a person like me that has been in Sports Radio, there is nothing that tells the story more than the looks on the faces of the players after the game. Below are some of the interviews after the 4-0 shelling from the Carolina Hurricanes on Saturday night. Just take and look and you will see a beaten team. Even if you don't have audio, just watch the videos.

Olaf Kolzig can't look anyone in the eye while talking about the game.

Jeff Friesen almost looks depressed and saddened.

Steve Eminger takes it hard, voice low and searching for words.

Glen Hanlon is finally showing some signs of frustration, although very minor signs.

All of the Caps voices are low, and most of the conversations you hear in the background is mostly other reporters. The Caps took this one hard, you can tell by their manners and in how they are speaking. They are frustrated and perplexed and any other quizzical word you can come up with.

Most Caps fans knew coming into this season that we were going to be treated to one heck of a rollercoaster, but I see the competivness in the eyes of this team. They want to win. I expect a few harder practices and some steam let off over the next couple of days.

I had a coach once tell me, "It's okay to lose big sometimes, but only if you learn from your mistakes and apply that knowledge the next time you hit the ice to better yourself."

Wise words. So I may vent, I may yell and cry fowl. But I will be watching the next game to see if the Caps can learn from a big loss, and put together a better game.

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