Saturday, October 22, 2005

Remind Me Why I'm A Caps Fan

Capitals 0, Hurricanes 4

The most pathetic game thus far, even Alexander Ovechkin could do little to help the dismal Capitals. Everytime I saw the puck around Capitals players, they were facing the other way, or passing to no one, or doing about a thousand things players shouldn't do. After praising the efforts of Steve Eminger, I am ready to send the defenseman packing to Hersey. Every time he pretends to play defense, it ends up hurting the Caps and getting stupid penalites.

If I was a veteran on this team right now I would be in George McPhee's office every day and asking, begging, pleading to be traded. I can't see how George sells this to the teams owner, "You know Ted, we may not have any defenseman but we have a big goaltender and we will just go and waste every draft pick and talented player away getting forwards that do not peform."

It's a rebuilding year, I know, I get it. But while other teams in the "rebuilding" mold have been able to put together a game or two where they didn't kill themselves on stupid penalties. I would start to fine players that spend more than 2 min a game in the box.

Maybe it's McPhee, maybe it's Glen Hanlon. We don't have an experienced coach behind the bench. Ron Wilson should have never been let go, at least the Sharks are benefiting. All I hear Hanlon say during post game interviews, "Ya, he is, ahh . . . he is improving a lot ya know." Watching him on the bench is a barrel of monkeys too (sarcasism alert). He shows no emotion, he doesn't get mad at the younger players, he stays reserved, but never talks to the troops in front of him. Your the coach for creep's sake, get on them when they do something wrong.

And just a note in the third, what the hell is with the organ playing "Take me out to the ballgame?" I think I will take my money from the Capitals and save it for the Nationals, thanks for the idea game operations. (My best Napoleon Dynamite impression) Idiots!

Overall Grade: F

Wash Post has their story here. Dont hold your breath for any new problems that has arisen from the dismal play of the Caps, just the same broken record: inexperienced Defensemen. Now I don't have Ovechkin's point streak to keep me happy now.


sacamano said...

I feel your pain. The Oil are killing me this year.

Thanks for the link. I'll add you to our blogroll.

Keep your stick on the ice

Garrett said...

Thanks for the love, I am hurting the Oilers are having trouble too. They have always been my back-up team to watch. Probably to prove I have no "East-Coast bias"