Thursday, October 27, 2005

Putting A Good Game Together

Capitals 3, Sabres 2

The Caps finally turned on some offensive pressure. If you can believe it, the Capitals out shot the Sabres in all three periods. I know! I had to take a double take on that stat as well. The Caps have been giving up about 40 shots a game until now.

I am extremely happy that Jeff Friesen and Petr Sykora got goals. Friesen's goal came just 22 seconds after Ales Kotalik power play goal for the Sabres. The Capitals seemed almost more relaxed and more confident. The Capitals finally used their speed and offense to keep the Sabres off kilter.

Brendan Witt was a healthy scratch for the game, and I didn't even miss him. Witt is still in S. Florida with his family after Hurricane Wilma ripped through the state. Without Witt, the only penalty against the Capitals was in the third period was Jeff Halpern's holding call early in the frame.

To be honest with you, I gave this game to Buffalo, and taped the game to watch later. My wife and I watched Martha Stewart's apprentice (not as good as the Trump) and I tried to push the game out of my head. When my phone messenger went off alerting the game had ended, I checked it twice.

It's the reason this post is a little late, because I had to watch the game. And I was giddy watching the game. Maybe I need to stop watching the games live.

Overall Grade: B+

The Caps put together a great game, and the grade would have been higher except the Caps need to be more consistent with their play. The grade should improve, if the Caps next game shows as much improvement as they did in this game. I would like to see Chris Clark and Andrew Cassels pick up their pace and get some goals. Jury is still out for bringing Brooks Laich up from Hersey.

Wash Post picks up the rest of the gorey details.

-- Other Notes --

  • Predators lose to the Blue Jackets. If I said that 2 years ago, it would mean very little, but the Blue Jackets finally hand Nashville their first loss of the season off a Overtime goal by Adam Foote.
  • Was it just me or was that the most boring World Series ever?!! When one of my friends called me and told me the White Sox won, I actually yawned. I am not a big Baseball fan to begin with, but I could have done without 6 hour games.
  • This just in, Penguins still suck! Sorry Pittsburgh fans. But the Steelers are still playing so I won't show too much sympathy. (10/28 Penguins win first game agianst Thrashers)

Next Caps game against the Lightening on Friday 10/28, 7:30 PM.

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