Friday, October 28, 2005

Ok Colorado, You Had Your Night

... Now move on.

I expected the game to get out of hand on the other side of the boards as fans show Todd Bertuzzi exactly where he can go. I expected the fans to boo, to curse, to yell, to make obscene gestures and to make Bertuzzi's night uncomfortable.

Some of it was actually funny, a couple of guys in a cardboard prison and wearing stripes saying they were being Bertuzzi for Halloween. Some of it was not funny, like a fan pouring his beer over the head of a female fan wearing Bertuzzi's jersey.

I understand the emotions coming from the Avalanche faithful and it was their night to be upset at a player that took one of their own away. It may be unfair that Bertuzzi can play while Steve Moore is struggling through physical therapy. Some say Bertuzzi should have been suspended until Moore could play again, others think he should have been gone for a year, and others who felt he had served his time.

With all that said, it was the Denver's night to let Bertuzzi know their displeasure. But now it's time to return to civility, and let the game go forward. I wouldn't mind the heckles each time Bertuzzi touched the puck at the Pepsi Center, or a few boos if he scored a goal. But for the good of the game, let the recklessness end. Let the game go on.

No more dressing up in prison wear, no more pouring beer on other people. Let the action on the ice speak for itself. I implore every Avalanche fan to conduct themselves higher than just an unrulely mob of miscreants.

If any Colorado fans wish to leave a comment, please do so with some language restraint.

-- Other Notes --
  • The Pittsburgh Penguins have won a game. (damn, now my knock knock joke doesn't work anymore, Me - "Knock, Knock!" My Pens Friend - "Whose there?" "Oh" "Oh, who?" "Oh and 9 baby, Ha ha ha!" *click*) Mario Lemieux willed this win to life with 5 points. Sidney Crosby's tiny little point seemed to be buried in the Lemiux and Sergei Gonchar goals.
  • Brendan Witt returns after coming to the aid of his wife and two young daughters that were in Florida when Hurricane Wilma pushed through. He will be dressed for tonights game. The full story of his experience is chronicled on the Wash Post.
  • If you want to know how Hurricane Wilma has affected the Panthers. Good editorial.

Game tonight against the Lightening in Tampa Bay. Go Caps! Preview

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