Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Moving Around

Ben Clymer is a defenseman, he was just a small defenseman. He was persuaded by the Lightening (his former team) to play forward to save his career in the NHL. But now he is going back on the blue line.

Wash Post has the story in full. I think the NHL will have more players that are quick and playmakers back in the defensive position. Many players that were told because of their size that they wouldn't make it to the big leagues. Now that has changed. Smaller, faster, and assist men are being highlighted on the blue line.

Smaller defensemen have always had a hard time selling their craft in the NHL, but now it seems to be in demand. More power plays around the League have a forward at the point, and some 3 men penalty kills we are seeing two forwards and one defensemen more and more.

Other moves the Caps made was to recall Brooks Laich (Like) from Hersey and sent Boyd Gordon down to Hersey. Laich has been playing well and scoring, Gordon has been held scoreless. Bryan Muir will return to the line up tonight as well. Still trying to find that perfect mix.

--Other Notes--

  • Penguins remain the only winless team in the NHL after losing to a distracted Florida Panther team 4-3. A late penalty against Mario Lemieux infuriated the superstar and he screamed at the Refs. Hey Mario, welcome to the Capitals world.
  • Predators are still undefeated after hand a shalacking to the Chicago Blackhawks 5-2. Matthew Barnaby had a busy night with one goal and two fights, the first of which happened just 3 seconds into the game. Thatta boy Barnaby, why waste time with the playing and what not?
  • The Capitals vs. Florida game on Saturday has been postponed indefinitely due to Hurricane Wilma. They have yet to restore power to the Bankatlantic Center.
  • Tonight's game against the Buffalo Sabres will be in Rochester NY, at the Blue Cross Arena. The Sabres are trying to persuade more fans in Rochester to travel to Buffalo in order to boost attendance.

One game at a time boys.

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