Monday, October 31, 2005

Heartbreak in Tampa

Capitals 2, Lightening 4

Sorry I haven't posted all weekend, but had a chance to catch the game and what a game it was. Alexander Ovechkin had two spectacular goals to put the caps in the lead twice. But the Stanley Cup Champs were just too much for the young squad.

I loved the Capitals work ethic in this game. It was even a better performance than in Buffalo, it's just the puck wasn't bouncing our way. The Caps can not lose faith in their new system, which seems to be working. Head coach Glen Hanlon is doing a much better job of selling his system to the club, and the players are responding.

Overall Grade: C+

The Caps need more goal support, Ovechkin can't do it alone. A bright side is that the veterans seem to know it's do or die time. Chris Clark is being more and more aggresive on the ice, Andrew Cassels passes are finding their mark, and Jeff Friesen is getting is signature slap shot closer to the mark.

Players that need to get it together, Dainius Zubrus. Of the 5 or 6 oppurtunities he had on an odd-man rush, he failed to convert. Zubie, shoot it or pass, but do something! Also lost in the fold is Brian Sutherby, I have hardly heard anything from Sutherby in all 11 games he has played.

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