Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Columbus Day Win

Caps 3, Rangers 2

Caps pull out a nice win agianst a team that the Capitals are suppose to share last place with. The New York Rangers are a good team, and the Caps finally played a disciplined first and second periods and were able to get away with a 3-2 win agianst the Broadway Blue Shirts.

The Caps made some huge improvements from their last game in Atlanta where the Capitals spent over 22 minutes on the penalty kill. The Caps came into this game with the worst record in the league for penalties, and were routed in two straight games. The Thrashers kinda look like what the Captials were when they first created the Southeast Division.

But the Caps rebounded and that is a big deal. Being young may mean inexperience, but it also means short memories. I did pick on Glen Hanlon a little in my last post, that was more of a vent than analysis of the game, although going back and watching the 8-1 pounding on the Caps by Atlanta I still stand by my grade of F for that game. But this time the Caps did make the transistion and made the right adjustments to play a solid game agianst the Rangers.

Jagr returned to get booed each time he touched the puck, but I heard they played highlights of the Caps from last season and it showed a few of Jagr goals in his Capitals sweater. I mean come on Game Operations, pay attention!

Overall Grade: B+

The Washington Post covered the afternoon game, and gave Ovechkin his due for the game winning goal. And we get a winning quote from the article from the Caps prospect:

"I saw the rebound and when the puck came to me, I said, 'Oh my God, puck,' " said Ovechkin. "I must shoot."

Priceless, I love this guy! By the way, Ovechkin picks up his second #1 star of the game.

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