Saturday, October 08, 2005

Caps lose big

Capitals 1, Thrashers 8

The Caps lose big, and they deserved it. You heard me right, if you can't make the proper adjustments after playing the same team the previous night, then you deserve to lose badly. The Thrashers once again get the early scoring off the power play. Then it just went downhill from there.

Glen Hanlon, with all due respect, "WAKE UP!" Be a coach, reward the players that play hard and stay out of the penalty box and take away the ice time from those who are constantly getting penalized at the most inopportune times. I am sure Leonsis doesn't pay the players to sit in the penalty box (although I haven't asked him lately).

Kolzig was getting beat up in the crease, he should have been pulled after 6 goals. To keep him in the net just made the situation worse, and the Caps did not help Kolzig at all. It was clear what the Thrashers strategy was to crash the net. Kolzig will always stop those shots from 15 feet out, on the edge of the crease is another story. Veteran defenseman would have not let goal scorers like Bondra to sit on the crease line the whole time.

Overall grade: F

Capitals looked like an AHL team, and their inexperience and the penalties was their downfall tonight, but it's the second night you have played this team. If you haven't learned from your mistakes, than your not going to get any better.

The Post covered the game, and Halpern talked about missed chances they had to score on their power plays.

Rangers on Columbus Day at MCI Center, Jagr returns to the booth. The Rangers look pretty good, and it hopefully doesn't turn out to be too big a disaster.

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