Saturday, October 15, 2005

Brett Hull Retires

Phoenix Coyote Brett Hull couldn't face another losing season. At least that isn't what he will be saying, but I had a feeling he wasn't into the NHL anymore. Arizona Republic got the scope and Hull will hang up his skates and retire from the NHL tonight.

Even during the Lockout, it seemed that Hull was not interested in coming back. He took the job in Phoenix to be closer to his friend Wayne Gretzky. When I think of Hull, of all those years in St. Louis, shooting the puck to demolish the old stadium when the built the new one, then being traded to Detroit for the sole purpose of winning a Stanley Cup.

I met his father once, in upstate New York. Bobby Hull was a polite and fun guy. He even took me aside and showed me how to shift my weight to get more power out of my slap shot. He was proud of his son Brett too, having loads of posters of Brett in his car trunk. He signed a little post card for me that I still have and sits on my desk. "To Garrett, Best in sports! Bobby Hull."

I am sure he wrote that to everyone, but I remember thinking I was finally apart of the fraternity of hockey because I met Bobby Hull and he said I was an alright kid.

It's a little sad to see Brett take an early bow, but I know if he isn't creating other hockey leagues, he defiantly a strong voice for players everywhere, no matter their skill level.

-- Other Notes --
  • Atlanta Thrashers put goaltender Mike Dunham on Injured Reserve. The Thrashers now have two rookie goaltenders Michael Garnett and Adam Berkhoel in net as Dunham and starting goalie Kari Lehtonen benchwarm.
  • Other Thrasher's news, Andy Sutton suspended for four games following a blow to the head against Leaf's Darcy Tucker.
  • Bernie Geoffrion, Dickie Moore and Yvan Cournoyer will have their jerseys retired by the Montreal Canadiens this season. Is there any numbers left for the Habs to wear? Guess they will have to start wearing fractions.
  • Minor league's players union threatens lawsuit against the new CBA. Guess we should have asked them if it was ok to start the season.

That's it for now, have a great weekend!

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