Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Jeff Friesen Comes to DC

The Washington Capitals have traded an '06 draft round pick to the New Jersey Devils in return for Left winger Jeff Friesen. Friesen is a proven veteran, with plenty of Stanley Cup experience. He will most likely take a leadership role within a team of young potentials. To find out more, check out my links on the Capitals News Page. The Caps welcome Friesen with open arms, but a question still remains, why is General Manager George McPhee trading for forwards, rather than getting more experience on the blue line. The Capitals defense is already soft and troublesome. Brendan Witt seems unable to get his head around the new rules, while the rest of the defensive core is young and inexperienced. It may be a rebuilding year, but more and more the Caps continue to make poor choices in developing a team that will be well rounded, with solid offense and defense. Now Head Coach Glen Hanlon has to make McPhee's latest additions work and show that this is a team that can grow and win. Sorry Caps fans, doesn't look like the Caps will even make the playoffs.

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